Prime Lens for E-PL2

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Re: Lens Adaptors

Question.  Have any of your adapters started to fail, feel loose, or fail to achieve infinity focus?  (I've beaten up my original nikkor and FD adapters, and they seem to be 'looser' than when purchased.')  Have you had any this experience?

(more blather below)

I also have far more legacy lenses than native lenses.  As a travel kit for my GH2, I selected a nikkor 50 1.4 and the EM5 kit 12-50; thinking that i would end up using the 24mm quite a bit (compared to the 100mm FL) in alleys and cathedrals.

But nope, i ended up swapping back to the nikkor 1.4, many many times each day.  I honestly surprised myself.  I shot way more with the nikkor 50 than the 12-50.  I guess i'm just a child of the 70's who likes fast glass.  donno. (100mm is a great alley lens, btw)

I'm beginning to think that the GH2 will be a 'legacy' back, and a smaller body with native prime will be the AF kit...

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