NX200 DR?

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Re: NX200 DR?

I think the actual exposure for the NX200 sensor is wrong; its always overexposed, the camera seems to do okay with slight underexposure, and slight pushing.
The very poor on-exposure highlight DR is a pain though, especially with strobing; I might as well pretend I'm shooting film and not chimp. None of the tonal transitions are smooth with the highlights; even a lowly Pentax K-X or a D3100 does much better here.
The way the sensor renders specular highlights is far more concerning than the dynamic range to be honest, and I have a feeling it has to do with the very IR-sensitive nature of the sensor, especially in the context of strobing.
Samsung needs to use a 'coventional' sensor that actually has good output, and not good output on paper. It seems fixing the very skewed output (skewed towards shadows), does not work; there simply isnt any data there.

Blue DR is also, horrible.

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