Cheap film lens, great AF performance!

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Cheap film lens, great AF performance!

Dropped by the beach yesterday to see what the surf looked like. I didn't want to take along any good lenses with all the salt blowing around so I brought my 18-55WR and a cheapo Promaster 80-210 AF lens.

KEH currently has one in stock. Oooh... really expensive.

The Promaster came along with a small lot of lenses I picked up a while ago. I assumed it was the throw-away of the bunch. Turns out not to be the case.

It's sharp enough for non-critical work. CA is pretty well controlled stopped down. There is some PF even at f9 but only in extreme highlights. Contrast and color aren't bad IMO for an older film lens.

What really amazed me was that of the 80+ shots I took at the beach it pretty much nailed focus every time! I can't get that kind of performance out of my DA 17-70 no matter how well adjusted it is.

Also, the Promaster AF is BLAZING fast. I mean DA 35 fast. So if you can tolerate a less than perfect lens and you want to get some sports shots with a cheap lens this is a decent option.

I will say that after having the K-5 for a while now the K-5 AF seems to have a much easier time with lenses 50mm and beyond. It seems the wide FL's are harder for the K-5. Then again... IMO, the DA 17-70 SDM is a weak design to start with.  Maybe I just haven't had a good wide AF lens to test it with.

Here are a few quick shots. Forgive the blow-out on the surf board foam carnage it was just a quick snapshot. The guy who owned this carbon-fiber reinforced board, said it was supposed to be "unbreakable".  The wave that did this had another opinion.  

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