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Re: This is because D800/E files are much bigger

Pradipta Dutta wrote:

G K wrote:

Am I missing something or does the exposure counter in the D800/E only show a max of two digits? When I loaded a 1GB card and formatted it the number "12" appears. Then, as I make exsposures it counts down "11,10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 and then 99".

If you are shooting RAW + JPEG, a 1 GB card is estimated to hold about 10 to 12 images. So, your camera is showing the correct number.

Is this normal? Kinda weird. My D300 would have shown all 3 digits to begin with.

D300 files are much smaller so the 1 GB card could hold more files.

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I'm not shooting RAW+JPEG, only RAW. When I posted earlier I asked the question how many images could you get on a 1GB card in a D800/E. The answers were anywhere between 100 and 120, depending on subject, etc.

The card appears to be able to hold in excess of 100 but the counting sequence is unlike any Nikon camera I have ever owned. After formatting the card I am just wondering why the counter doesn't show, for example, "120" in the window????????

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