How to look up a really old challenge that was finished a looooong time ago?

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Re: How to look up a really old challenge that was finished a looooong time ago?

RaptorUK wrote:

ParomaGhosh wrote:

Was wondering if there is a quick way to search for a challenge that finished several months ago (i remember the challenge name and the challenge host) without having to scroll through pages and pages of "finished challenges"? Of course I did not enter that challenge so can't find a link through one of my pics

There is a really cool webpage that helps with this kind of thing, maybe you have heard of it, it is a little obscure though . . it's got quite a funny name, it's called Google .

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As an IT Consultant RaptorUK, you should know in your postition to understand the personality and expectations of anyone on this forum, especially ParomaGhosh who only made a suggestion for consideration of DPreview regarding past challenges.

In this postition RaptorUK,  your obligation is to help others see the end at the beginning, and by all means not to use sarcasm. You should understand that sarcasm is "a sharp, bitter, or cutting expression or remark; a bitter gibe or taunt”, usually conveyed through irony or understatement. Most authorities distinguish sarcasm from irony; however, others argue that sarcasm may or often does involve irony or employs having simultaneous, conflicting feelings toward a person or thing. Stated another way, ambivalence is the experience of having thoughts and/or emotions of both positive and negative valence toward someone or something. A common example of ambivalence is the feeling of both love and hate for a person. The term also refers to situations where "mixed feelings" of a more general sort are experienced, or where a person experiences uncertainty or indecisiveness concerning something. The expressions “cold feet” and “sitting on the fence” are often used to describe the feeling of ambivalence.

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