What Happened to Canon's "Night Scene" on the G1X?

Started Oct 29, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Rear-curtain sync...

Your camera should have a rear-curtain sync option in the flash modes.  If you switch to P mode, set your ISO as desired (keep the ISO lower if you want a longer exposure), and set the flash to rear-sync mode, it will perform just like that scene mode...you'll take a multisecond exposure to expose for a low light background or night scene, and right at the end of the exposure, the flash will fire to illuminate and freeze the subject.

I don't know if your camera has taken away a scene mode for this, but essentially, this is all the scene mode is doing...combining a long exposure with a rear-curtain sync flash.  You could replicate this in P, A (Av), S (Tv), or M mode...not sure about Auto mode, since that often overrides other controls.

Hope that helps.

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