Is Canon out of touch ?

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Re: Is Canon out of touch ?

WHeisenberg wrote:


When I first read your post, I thought you were over-reacting and creating a lot of noise for a minor issue. However, in your subsequent posts you have done a great job in describing the short-comings of not having the 2nd Curtain Sync functionality and how it affects your photography. I think you have a legitimate gripe with Canon's direction and this has been a constructive and educational thread. Too bad many members continue to miss your main point and respond with comments such as "the 5D3 has 2nd curtain sync" or "read the manual".

Thanks for posting.


Thanks WH,   appreciate the words, and I'm glad there are level headed people out there like you, it makes remaining on this forum worth it.    
Sadly, this forum does not let one modify the original post beyond 15 minutes -  when I realized I left out some critical info on the OP I went to go back to correct it but it was too late....   another one of those policies I'll never get.   

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