D600 - one month of use, and it's gotta go!

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Re: D600 Another Question

I was handed the D600 manual for a few minutes and tried each variation of all the settings and nothing seemed to result in a singular red or black highlighted Af senor being lit when the shutter button was pressed half way, while at the same time, avoiding some other clusters of AF sensors coming on momentarily or blinking once. If there was a way to shut all sesors or blinking off except the one single sensor selected, it was beyond me and unsuccessful. No issue doing this in D3s, D800, D3x, etc. Again any insight as to the actual steps or settings used, would be approciated, although I too would have assumed that it should be pretty obvious and simple.


Dave, it's really easy mate. If you read the manual, then you haven't understood it properly.

Press AF/M button in.

Select AF-S and S using mode dials

Use selector to change to desired single focus point. (Lock off obviously)

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