D800 and commander flash mode

Started Oct 29, 2012 | Discussions thread
Ferguson Senior Member • Posts: 1,138
Re: D800 and commander flash mode

I know it's not a lot of help but I can say that the D800 popup works flawlessly for me in commander mode with two separate SB800's.  I set it the same way I did my older D300.

I assume having used it before on the D300 you've done the obvious to make sure you have line of sight between the popup and the off-camera flashes?  Have you tried just literally set it in front of the camera up close just to make sure it CAN fire the flash, i.e. determine if the issue is getting a good pre-flash signal vs. something more fundamental?   And you're sure you are on the right channel and group?

But there's no designed-in issue, it works fine at least on one D800.

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