Help needed: Investing in Single vs Dual flash setup for macro

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Re: Help needed: Investing in Single vs Dual flash setup for macro

Hope this helps.

I purchased a complete Nikon CLS system with the SU800 long time ago - during the D50 days. Used with D50, D200, D5000, D3 and D3s.   Flowers and Bees - and other Macro I love.

I own the VR105 and the Sigma 150 - love them both.

If I am Correct - the D700 will fire in Commander Mode - if so - consider this

Small light metal plate with hole drilled into it - attach it to bottom of camera with the proper sized screw.  The plate will be long enough to extend out to the end of your lens - I attached a SB200 flash (could be a SB600).  Turn the flash to the side.

Thus you have side lighting - which will produce shadows which makes depth and detail.

Using the twin flash on the end of the lens - seems hard to control the light reflecting off the reflective "skin" of bugs.  Sometimes too harsh also.

This picture taken a couple of days ago - with a RRS flash extender taped to a lens plate attached to the bottom of the camera, with a SB200 Flash.  Also with a Rayonx 150 I am playing with; trying to get in as close as I can.  Also - camera in DX mode for 1.5 multiplier.

A budget way of starting off.

Hope this helps.

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