Is nex 7 worth the high cost.

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Re: Is nex 7 worth the high cost.

clearzoom wrote:

It cost $1350 seems very high

What are the other cameras at par with EVF That can cost below $1000

Is Samsung NX 20 in same line. Or EMD Olympus

What is your mission for the camera? Any camera designed for interchangeable lenses means that to use it 'fully' you need to invest in lenses so the initial cost is just to get your foot in the lense door. Image stabilization in the NEX series only comes from a lens that supports it so that further complicates how you intend to use the camera and the lens choices to support your mission. Focus Speed AND accuracy is another biggie. Weather sealing is another biggie if your mission needs it. Are you going to try to catch your dog running and jumping to grab the ball at the apex of his leap? Going to freeze the kids halfway down their high jump into the water? Going to connect to a telescope to catch the milky way?

Do you insist on in camera HDR, in camera panorama, in camera 3D, in body IBIS, focus peaking, and how much will you be using it to record videos? Maybe more than you thought you would so that might end up being more important to compare too?

How much IQ do you really need? Are you going to try and capture the details in a wedding dress from 10 feet away?

List down how you'd like to use the camera and how you might use it differently than you've ever used one before if this is going to be your first 'really nice' camera purchase. Then research the lenses you'd get, underwater camera housing maybe?, stuff like that.

List the same thing for the EMD, for the new Nikon V2, the NEX 6, or whatever else you may consider affordable and possibly mission fulfilling and then it can become clearer what the true cost is and the true 'best fit' is for YOUR mission. It may be no camera can do it for you.

Visit snapsort to help, you may not agree with their weighting but they do a good job of letting you directly compare any 2 cameras specs.

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