Opinions on bokeh in this image?

Started Oct 27, 2012 | Discussions thread
mgrum Contributing Member • Posts: 729
over corrected spherical aberration

rsn48 wrote:

For the price, you'd think the bokeh could have been better which is strange because this lens is a "wedding" lens.

This sort of bokeh is common in lenses over corrected for spherical aberration, that's the price you pay for really good sharpness at the plane of focus. Designs improve over time with better computer simulations, new materials and means of manufacture but there are still compromises that have to be made.

The 50 f/1.2L is undercorrected, meaning the disk of light projected from an out of focus highlight fades out toward the edges, meaning smoother bokeh as disks blend together. Over correction leads to the disk getting brighter toward the edges, resulting in harsh "donut" bokeh.

It's worth mentioning that donut bokeh can look really good in certain images, just not with busy backgrounds and a small degree of defocus.

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