Banding with the E-M5 and the 20/1.7: A potential work-around

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Re: Banding with the E-M5 and the 20/1.7: Before you'll got bogged down with electronics...

I've just caught up with this thread, and spent a happy 80 minutes reading it all.

It occurred to me that there were some simple tests missing. So I've done a quick and dirty check all at AWB ISO8000 P-mode -1 stop exposure compensation looking at jpgs only.

Please note that I can create banding in the conditions that you have shown them - but never as severe as your seem to be.

1.  What happens if the lens is in the same position but not electrically connected?

(i.e. is it electric/onic  interference between body & lens - or emf effects?)

Using a paper disk behind the lens to give contact isolation and translucency. The PP to max contrast.

Answer seems to be:-

No banding with daylight source (in conservatory -has mains supply but not all round), but...

... V. slight detectable banding with tungsten lighting indoors light reflecting off a piece of mount card (1/125th second). However I can also see marks on the sensor as I can see them in the same position on all the photos to a greater or less degree. These sensor marks are of the same order of magnitude as the apparent banding.

I doubt if this amount would be noticeable in a normal photo (clearly I haven't been bothered by them up to now).

2. What happens if camera + lens is set to manual focus? Is there interference in the AF?

Here I used a translucent lens cap (from enlarger) to diffuse the light - so more uneven and thus slightly more difficult to identify. Then I tried to create banding on piece of grey card out of focus.

Both sets of shots were taken in the conservatory (see above).

Apart from the sensor marks referred to above I'm unable to create banding, but that may be because I didn't allow enough time (8mins) for the camera to cool down between sequences.

As I say these were intended to be rough and ready - but designed to test a couple of factors that seem to have been missed so far.  All it's done is to upset me about the condition of my sensor!  The banding is nothing like as obvious as your examples - and only just distinguishable from the background noise. For this reason, I'm not posting examples right now.


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