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Re: Pentax K-30 review posted

I must be the only Pentax shooter on here that wants video on their camera? And no, I don't want to buy and lug another piece of equipment with me when it's possible, as shown by most other brands, to put the latest video technology on the camera. And no, it's not a choice of video vs. good still image quality. You can have both.

The reality is Pentax is playing catch-up, yet I feel their attitude is "hey, we gave you WR, stop asking for anything more". They didn't even change one video spec in two years on the K-511. That probably aligns with most on this board, but I can't believe this board represents most dslr shooters.

I think we all want Pentax to be successful, yet Pentax knows not having the latest and greatest in video is going to give them negatives in reviews and can ultimately hurt their sales. And yes, they have video, but they can do much more with it, and they know it. It can only help Pentax as a company.

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