Still no limit to auto ISO ?

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Re: Still no limit to auto ISO ?

sean lancaster wrote:

icycool123 wrote:

Interestingly lots of nex 7 owners including myself wanted the upper limit increased to 3200. Maybe thats why they increased the limit this time. I guess theres no pleasing everyone.

Pleasing everyone would be as simple as allowing the user to set the upper and lower limits like many cameras do; a simple menu item. But I'd be happy to limit auto ISO to 1600 even like on the NEX 7. I'd prefer to set 800 as the upper limit but 3200 is pretty worthless for sharp images.

The real issue isn't the fact that the camera selects ISO3200,it's that you feel the camera selects too high of a shutter speed for the conditions, causing it to use a higher ISO than you prefer.

The alternative is to have a slower shutter speed and lower ISO, which can lead to motion blur which can be far more offensive than high ISO noise.

In darker situations, you can always go to shutter priority and set your shutter speed.   If the camera still selects ISO 3200, it means the situation required it.

To me, Nikon has it right in allowing auto ISO in Manual Mode as well as the ability to adjust the auto ISO program bias on the shutter speed for static or moving subjects (as well as max ISO).

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