Conundrum selecting new D800 RAW Converter

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Re: Conundrum selecting new D800 RAW Converter

Cliff Fujii wrote:

If you choose to store the settings in a database, your going to have issues when you copy the images to another computer. I use Lightroom 4.2 only for DAM. I prefer to keep the settings changes in the NEF and I don't like sidecar files.

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A good point - though it is of course possible to export a specific folder as a catalog to use on another computer, or even copy the whole catalog over. Even if your image locations change on the new machine it is relatively easy to reconnect the catalog folders to the new locations so I think overall LR is very manageble in this respect.

I do this when I work on newly captured images on my laptop while on vacation, and then export to integrate into my main PC catalog when I get home, though I have to say I have had some problems with getting this to work properly in the past.

Lightroom also has a backup facility which means you can backup your full catalog to a network folder on another machine for security in the event of hard drive failure.

Where it falls down in my opinion is that two or more people can only share working on the same catalog by the clumsy expedient of exporting a catalog folder. The full catalog cannot be shared and used by two people simultaneously as network locations for the catalog and multi-user working are not supported.

I think this is the next big area for Adobe to develop the product. Keep the previews local but allow the lightweight catalog data to be accessed from a network share and implement some form of locking to allow multiple users to use simultaneously. Maybe they should port it to a type of SQL database which would support this, though knowing Adobe they would then probably label it the "Pro" version and charge twice as much for it!


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