Is nex 7 worth the high cost.

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Re: NEX6 a better deal

Bill1000Evening wrote:

timoat wrote:

There is no weather sealing on the NEX 7, the only camera equivalent that has that is the Olympus OM-D E-M5, the best named camera in the universe!

Checked the OM-D review by dpreview. Sure enough, specs say it is environmentally sealed. Checked the NEX 7 review, it doesn't say one way or another.

But I'm not sure what enviromentally sealed actually means. I doubt that it means that you can take the OM-D swimming with you. Does it mean that the NEX 7 should only be used in fair weather only and the OM-D can be used in moderate rain?

An earlier post said that the NEX 7 is weather sealed suggesting, I gather, that the NEX 6 isn't. I have a NEX 5, a NEX 7. I don't see anything to suggest that the 7 has any better sealing than the 5.

I wonder just how much weather a NEX camera can tolerate?

None of the NEX´s are weather sealed. Since its a USP, it would have been mentioned and advertised, like with the EM-5.

I would not use any of the NEX´s in very dusty/windy environments, deserts, rain or snow without adequately protecting it, fx with a plastic bag. There are companies that make bags specifically for these kinds of conditions. The EM-5 will be fine in those kinds of environments, with the kit lens. Any other m 4/3 lens AFAIK is NOT weather sealed, and has the same propensity to let dust/moisture in.

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