d7000 is this back focusing?

Started Oct 29, 2012 | Questions thread
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Re: d7000 is this back focusing?

yammer wrote:

My D7000 about 3 weeks old will focus in and out in and out it will sometimes settle on a focus point (that is out of focus) sometimes it will search and search and search and never find a focus point.

Is this the 'back focusing' issue that everyone is talking about or is it something different?

Is it best to call Nikon or just return it?

I had same doubt as you few days ago,

follow those two videos for D7000 fine tuning



Part 2


and test your camera and post the photos after and you or we will see if your lens! not the camera is backfocusing!

my test went ok, I did it last weekend and iI did release that my focus setup was causing the problem of backfocusing!

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