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Re: Pentax K-30 review posted

Thanks for the thorough review. Im seriously considering buying the K-30 body and spending the extra money on some quality lenses instead of getting the K5II. Im glad i didnt buy the 2yr old K5 now, despite its cheap price given image quality from the K-30 is equal if not better.

Couple questions regarding the review:

a) Why was the assessment of focus peaking overlooked? It is a huge draw card for this camera, given a major advantage of Pentax is the access to a large variety of legacy lenses. I was keen to see how FP performs with the K30.

b) Also, like others mentioned, its odd not to see the dual dials or focus peaking listed as a Pro, given few cameras in this class have them.

I am actually quite impressed with the video of the K30. The samples you included are very crisp and smooth and the sound is decent. Given this is a stills camera, i think the video quality is great if you want to use it (eg filming family events etc). Professional videographers are not using a DSLR for their video anyway.

Anyway, thanks again for the review! 

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