Oly 45mm on E-M5 : Great Combo for Concerts/Theatre

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Re: Lucky you, those circumstances are not so common.

Paul De Bra wrote:

We had a concert last saturday. Two problems with pictures there: 1) as I was performing I had to ask someone else to take pictures, so a flexible setup was needed where "zoom and press the button" was the only required skill and 2) moving about would not be appreciated by the audience so essentially staying on one side of the concert hall and just moving further or closer (a bit) was the only movement possible.

That would also be the normal circumstances for me.  This was exceptional.

And yes, if you are more confined to one spot, a zoom is good to have some variation.

Needless to say for such circumstances I'm very glad that I have a zoom lens to offer. Unfortunately that was only the 12-50 kit lens so pretty slow. The upside was that flash could be used and also the stage was very well lit. (So using f/5.6 was possible, albeit at ISO800, not 200.)

With the E-M5 I would not hesitate for one moment to go to ISO3200.

I have no doubt that the 45mm is wonderful and your images are proof of that but for concerts / theatre I think I will mostly stick to a zoom. (And I do not consider the 12-35 to have enough zoom as the image we ended up with had all focal lengths used and sometimes a 50mm shot needed cropping.) So I keep hoping for an Olympus m43 version of the 12-60 f/2.8-4...

On FT, I use the ZD35-100 mainly for concerts.

I've also used the 12-50 µFT lens for low light.  It works, but is not ideal.

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