2 hours in the market

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Re: 2 hours in the market

You've got a great lens/body combo there for street photography, even though you have called yourself nikkorforever!  

Personally I'm shooting on aperture priority and Auto ISO, with a max of 6400 (at a push) on my D700, and a shutter speed of 1/100th.  That generally allows me to freeze pedestrian motion without thinking.  I'll have a second custom bank set up with a min shutter speed of 1/50th if I get someone to pose and I'm in difficult light, just to quickly give me that extra stop to play with.

As for EV, I'm generally at between 0 and -0.7EV depending on light.  Practise your B&W conversions because the 2/35 gives great tones and microcontrast which really lend themselves to B&W, as well as beautiful colour straight out of camera.  I'm generally converting all my 'street' (it's not technically street, even though it's on the street) photographs to B&W for consistency due to occasional shots having distracting colour in the backgrounds.

I like your set - with the 35mm I'd try to get in closer still and/or vary the height you're shooting from.  That'll help create more of a connection with your subjects rather than feeling more observational, if you get what I mean.  Or just sit back, try to look as inconspicuous as possible and wait for the moment a la OneAnt...

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