The scratch right below the reflecting mirror on D600.

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Re: The scratch right below the reflecting mirror on D600.

Snapternity wrote:

That's true, but if Nikon does not get to the bottom of it, I doubt even if they exchange a brand new camera and has no internal damage with you, it's a matter of time that this problem will show up again, with the warrant expired.

If the mirror box is changed to one without this problem I don't think the problem will ever show up again unless the user is doing something wrong. If I would have a camera like that I would send it in to Nikon and demad it to be fixed. How they fix it is their problem, if it is easier for them to change the camera, that's fine, but if they change the mirror box only, well, so be it. I, the consumer can not demand anything else than getting it fixed and documented that the work was done by Nikon. I, the consumer, am actually not (should not be) concerned about what Nikon is doing to fix the QC issues, that's their business. I paid for one camera and that camera is my only concern as a consumer.

Nikon notified us to contact local service center for sensor cleaning is only the first step because I think they are still running all sorts of test with D600 (hopefully) to see how it gets those scratches and will it or will it not damage the camera in anyway.

Again, what Nikon is doing to improve QC and manufacturing is not our concern. We pay for a product which supposed to be free of faults and damages when delivered to us. That's our only concern. They can do all the tests they want but those tests should have been done before and I should not be the one suffering because of their failure to do the tests before selling the camera to me. The fact that they are working on improving the camera and the QC is good, but it is a very bad excuse to explain to those who already bought the camera.

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