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stevington wrote:

I recently looked at an XF1 at a dealer & both the sales rep & I had trouble opening and closing the retractable lens - it struck me as sticky and likely to jam - it has made me reconsider the camera - the rep was also surprised at how difficult it was to open and he was worried that we were going to damage the camera. Anyone else had similar experience?

At first, it was a bit tricky to manipulate; there's these subtle movements you have to do to click /rotate it from completely closed to ready to pull out but not yet in standby mode (camera is still effectively completely off at this point but the lens barrel is extended out to its first postion). Then another subtle rotation - very short - to standby; then when in standby, another unsure move from standby to active 25mm position. Then of course, rotating the barrel through to 100mm.

A couple of notes - I think long term usage, Fuji's been smart with these notches, pauses, sort of "click postions" in the various positions and pullouts on the lens. They're like physical indicators to your hand for what you're doing with the lens barrel without watching what you're doing.

And after a day of fooling around with the camera, it's becoming second nature.

In other words, I wouldn't worry about it. You'll get used to it, quick.


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