Open letter to (Review E-PL5; Nikon J2)

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Open letter to (Review E-PL5; Nikon J2)

Dear testers of

is there any chance that somebody make the review pics who knows a little bit about photography?! Most of the pics with absolutly useless setings?! Same with the review of the Nikon J2.
For example Pic No. 14:

who the hell would use f11 and ISO1600 in daylight??Also you should know that apartures smaller than 7-8 reduce the quality of the lense (diffraction).
Or pic 41? Why F16?
No one would do so with mft in such circumstances (diffraction)!

Or Pic 46:
Do u think that it is a great idea to demonstrate iso12800 in bright light with f8 and 1/200s!!
Hey guys, everybody would use open apartures in lowlight , maybe one stop down, and much lower isos, maybe 400 or 800, for such a pic!
It would be very helpfull to get an impression of high iso capabilities to make a nightsession and take ISO1600-6400 with open apartures and shutter speeds between 1/10 and 1/100s.
Only in darker areas you will see how the noise reduction works, not in sunlight and with ISO3200!

Hey guys, I like your page very much, but it would be great to let sb make the test pics who is aware of the photo-basics, it is no job for trainees who never used a cam before

check Adams comment, too

"This reviewer has no idea what he is doing. He uses small apertures for small sensors, no wonder nothing looks sharp and sometimes hardly any sample is in base iso (look at Nikon V2 - many at f/11).
Also, we would like to see RAWs without heavy NR so that it shows how much detail we can get from RAW. In this image quality comparison jpegs and raws looks almost the same."

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