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Re: Fuji XF1 - Bokeh examples

evoprox wrote:

Mark, I'm not trying to offend you, but the bokeh from those first two images appears rather 'nervous' or 'harsh' to me. Let me take the oportunity to compare it to a shot from the X10, at almost the same focal length, slightly stopped down, juuust for comparisons sake

If I may add, the bokeh from that shot looks creamier, the way I personally prefer it. I could add more examples if necessary.

Hi Evoprox!

No offense taken at all. I wasn't trying to get any bokeh shots yesterday, I noticed that particular cluster and figured I'd post it as a "out in the wild" photo. If I have time Tuesday, I'll try to set up some specific bokeh shots with this camera and its lens.

Which is the other point I wanted to make - the X10 and the XF1 have different lenses, and I'm guessing the X10 has a better lens based on the specs and everything (white orbs aside).

Plus, I'm speculating on something here - I wonder if shooting at M (6mp) mode is somehow changing the bokeh and how it looks? I should try a few test shots tomorrow - stage some good bokeh reproduction, then shoot it in 12mp mode and 6mp mode and see what happens. I'm just taking a wild guess here, but I wonder if the act of skipping (or not fully using) every other pixel on the sensor affects this.


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