Zeiss 12mm vs Fuji 14mm

Started Oct 30, 2012 | Discussions thread
MJJSevilla Regular Member • Posts: 161
Re: Zeiss 12mm vs Fuji 14mm

Why crazy? It´s not so different from announcing forthcoming lenses in a roadmap.   Are Fuji crazy for telling us what´s round the corner in 2013?  Buying into a system is a long term prospect and knowing what´s going to be available in 6 months is useful information for many people.  I imagine it may cause a few people to pause before buying the Fuji 14mm too.

Not me though.  I think the 14mm will be a more useful focal length for my own purposes and the other two are too close to what I´ve got already, which is already pretty damn good.   Still, I´m really happy quality third party lenses are going to released for the X system, even if it´s not going to be this week.

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