Adapted Nikkor 4/300 or APO telescope for birding?

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Re: A vote for AF & IS

Fast moving small birds weren't my targets with the D7k either, the 4/300, especially with TC is a hit-and miss. I also have an SCT (Celestron C5), but it gives a rather foggy picture, the central obstruction is way too large (30+%) and the light goes back and forth in the tube. I trust lenses better in daylight. Speed is another factor, f/10-11 is a no-go for mft, because it needs high ISO and it raises diffraction issues.

TomFid wrote:

I have the Panasonic 100-300, a big MF lens (400mm f/4), and a small scope (Meade ETX).

The ETX loses, because the MF mechanism just isn't quick enough for terrestrial use, and it's slow (f11). The rack-focusing scopes Fernando linked above might be OK in both respects.

The MF lens wins for situations where MF is helpful (small birds deep in a tree), and for pure resolution, though only by a hair.

The Panasonic wins big for AF, portability and handholdability. For me - shooting some feeder birds, but primarily wildlife while hiking, it's the most useful of the three.

You could get IS by going the Oly route, but I don't find that to be a deciding factor. For fast-moving small birds, on the other hand, AF is essential. I find that, with a GH2, using the smallest focus spot works well in most situations.

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