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Re: D-600 Indoor Event

Tee1up wrote:

If you you were using the D600 for an indoor event (dimly lit, largely incandescent lighting, restaurant environment), what would be your choice of lens?

  • Would your decision change if you had to rely on the on-body flash?
  • Any special settings you would rely on?
  • What would you consider to be the ideal flash for this camera (best bang/buck)?
  • quick edit: Assume no tripod.

Thanks in advance folks.

First questions : Is it a pro job or just amateur snapping ?

On-board flash : a big noooo. Some lenses have such a wide diameter that they block part of the flashlight.  --> SB-x00 mandatory. Even SB-600 works great in such an environment. Additionally to capture a nice mood a gel filter is very helpful but works only with an external speedlight. Without a gel you get 5500K faces and 2500K background. Looks pretty cheap.

If light situation is very tricky I prefer M mode. I set aperture, shutter speed and ISO for a nicely balanced background and let the speedlight brighten the foreground. This way I get consistent results over the whole series.

Finally : Fast glass is mandatory. 24-70 is perfect. 35mm f1.4 even better but less flexible.

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