D600, 5D3 pics (lots) and observations

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Re: D600, 5D3 pics (lots) and observations

Shadow lifting has been a contentious issue. On one side the argument is that you don't need that much shadow lifting to reveal Canon sensor's weakness. On the other side people say it is always good to have the freedom. Lets look at some pics.

Original scene from D600. This is not a very uncommon situation when shooting in the woods. We want to get the blue sky as well as some definition in the trees.

Actually shadows were lifted more than needed. Both cameras did pretty good.

Another example, original from 5D3

If we wanted to make the tree brighter to show its texture

Again, both cameras did well (but look at the tones though, although this can be adjusted)

Now, a real hard one.

Original from 5D3.

If we wanted to make the trees brighter (maybe more than needed).

Now, let's look closely at left upper corner with 100% crops (D600 downsized to 5D3 size).

Probably different amount of lifting was done. No sharpening done, only chroma NR, 5D3 50 and D600 25 in LR. Both camera needed some color correction.

More 100% crops



My feeling is that very rarely 5D3 would have problem in shadow lifting in real world situations. When extreme lifting is involved D600 clearly wins although it is not totally noise and artifact free. And you will have to look at reasonably large size to appreciate these differences.

I want to do some tests against setting sun.

I have uploaded 4 RAW images here.



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