Is Canon out of touch ?

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Re: Is Canon out of touch ?

Kabe Luna wrote:

Actually, whether I like it or not, I think Canon is cunningly doing what it has always done: looking farther ahead than the current and next generations of products and making investments in technologies (and strategies) that they believe with be most advantageous to them not in today's marketplace, but tomorrows. This was the case when they totally broke with their all-mechanical FD mount in favor of the virtually future-proof EF mount. The first fruits of their current priorities are evident in their SLRs that are increasingly focused on video. In terms of sensors, I don't pretend to know what they are up to–why they seem content to let the competition leave them standing still. But if I had to guess, it would be they are focusing on a sensor architecture that is optimized for the capture of video of high enough quality and resolution that stills images usable for virtually any use to which DSLRs can currently be put can be captured. This is undoubtedly the direction digital photography is headed, and looking to the future at the expense of today would be consistent with Canon's history.

All just fun conjecture, of course.

Also, remember that the EOS concept is arguably more biased to consumers than professionals: "high speed, ease of use (and high resolution, added at the birth of EOS digitals)." So, no surprise that Canon is somewhat the opposite of Nikon which traditionally is focused first on professionals.

Spot on!  Thats exactly what canon is doing, have always done and as you say, Nikon, ever since the old F2 concept have always catered for the pros.

maybe we should all go Leica? ha, ha.

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