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Re: To Summarize - we are all different

Sammy Yousef wrote:

So the summary of your position remains "You're wrong so shut up, take the abuse, stop posting, and go away."

I have not used any "Thumbs" (up or down) on this thread, and I intend to keep it that way. Obviously, many others have not restricted themselves in that way. In fact some two days I ago I decided I had said everything I possibly could in an attempt to help the OP to cope with this situation.

However, in my view, this last statement of the OP alone deserves about 50 (fifty) Thumb Downs.

That statement evidences a total misinterpretation of the well intentioned and helpful advice the majority of contributirs here have offered to him with greatly detailed explanations. It amounts to utter disrespect to those people, who took his grievences on board and tried to help him with constructive suggestions.

The flat out refusal to even try to understand what they meant is surely a disincentive to anyone to be sympathetic to him in the future.

In that one single statement one can also find the root cause of why some people give him Thumb Downs. It shows his total refusal and/or unwillingness to comprehend, let alone respect any idea even just a miniscule amount different to his. This attitude annoys, antagonises, provokes and alienates a lot of well meaning, rational people.

It is a sure way of getting rid of your friends quickly, and also making some enemies along the way.

The OP may succeed in getting rid of the TU/TD system (and I don't mind either way) in order to stop people giving him Thumb Downs, but he'll have to do something radically different to stop those people dispising him.

To me, the latter would be more important.

But again, we are all different.

Respect is something you cannot demand. You must earn it. You don't give it, you don't get it.

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