D700 w/ Nikon SB Speedlites or Elinchrom Quadra Rangers

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Yes, you're correct

Nikonparrothead wrote:

Not disagreeing with you (each of us should spend or save as they see fit) but unless I'm mistaken (and I'd gladly take a tip on the process if I'm wrong) with the manual flashes and Pocket Wizard IIs (or the even better value PWIIIs) you're pretty much stuck with the camera's top shutter sync (or maybe not even the 1/320 on the D700 but stuck with 1/250) while it's possible to go above that using the Flexes and SBs.

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Yes, you're absolutely correct, with any manual flash and sync you're limited to the sync speed of the camera's shutter, with some "fudge-way" occasionally.

I apologize if my post was misleading - when I think "TTL" I think shooting in A mode, letting my shutter speed drift with exposure, and letting the flash fill as needed.  The FlexTT5/miniTT5 system will certainly allow you to shoot at shutter speeds outside of the normal sync, with great results.

It's currently cost-prohibitive for me, but you do address a good point that should be addressed.


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