What happened to DPReview

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Re: What happened to DPReview

Look at it from this point of view.

DPREVIEW earns money from advertisers and not us readers.  The revenue stream is required to pay off the staff and run the servers and office.  Any extra on top of that is the profit to the publishers/owners of DPREVIEW.

I have been following this site since the days when Phil Askley is based in Singapore.  In those days, we are able to get the scoop of the latest and greatest and it has been useful in my decision to buy the Nikon Coolpix 5500, FujiFilm F30, Sanyo Enerloops, Panasonic LX3, Panasonic LZ10 and so on....

Now it seems to take forever to see the real reviews pack full of data of the latest cameras that I can depend on to make purchasing decision.  Maybe the industry has changed, too many models swamp the market and the release cycles are now half-yearly.  Maybe DPREVIEW no longer have access to pre-production models to test and collect data on.

Whatever the reasons, the staff of DPREVIEW would know better.  However, what I do know is that the value of DPREVIEW is lessening to me as it gets slower and slower off the mark in releasing information about cameras and lens.

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