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Johan Borg wrote:

lasm wrote:

I am getting some sense of wh'at you're saying though still a bit fuzzy in my head. If all Auto does is change the brightness, it doesn't seem very useful, isn't it ?

I agree with that, it is far more useful for earlier cameras where it also tries to adjust for low or high contrast scenes with other parameters. My point was to explain the X3F setting: It's whatever value is currently stored in the .X3F file, and it's quite useful that you can pre-set some of those values directly in the camera, whether it's white balance or sharpness.

Took a while for all that to settle in, but I think I got it this way..

The X3F setting reads the parameters from the RAW file and the small X3F button lets you write back to RAW any changes you made. The custom settings let you change any parameters and the small X3F button besides the custom settings let you overwrite everything in RAW.. ha ha .. so massively confusing..

This is somewhat similar to the way LR and Raw Therapee works . Light Room hides the settings in a database, while Raw Therapee stores it as a text file along with RAW files. Both programs do not touch the original RAW and this is different treatment from SPP.

Both however cannot read X3F, so we are stuck with SPP for a long time to come

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