Need Some Help Please with Hockey/Ringette Photos

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Re: Need Some Help Please with Hockey/Ringette Photos

ScottD1964 wrote:


Looking at your straight from camera images you appear to be around 2 stops under exposed. If you shot a few tests shots at ISO 1250 1/250th f 2.8 you'd probably see quite a difference. Possibly 1/320 or 1/400. You don't want your ice to be gray.

To pull 1/1000 f2.8 you'd more than likely need to be shooting around ISO 5000. I'm not sure if the Sony has that type range so you may need to drop to 1/800 f2.8 ISO 4000 or even 1/640 f2.8 ISO 3200 to get into a range where the noise isn't horrible. Just experiment.

If your camera allows you to set white balance by color temp (Kelvin) that is more than likely your best bet. In Dallas I shoot at 3400K but all arenas are different and that is going to require just doing some test shots at different settings and find the one that looks the most natural white.

As far as metering I don't use any in camera metering. The reflectivity of the ice can throw off a built in meter. In addition spot metering on a dark jersey would give a different exposure than a light jersey. Throw your in camera meter out the window and find an inexpensive hand held light meter that takes ambient readings. That will tell you exposure based on the lighting in general and not the exposure based on a specific part of the scene.

Take that reading and open about 1/3 stop if shooting a team in dark jerseys to bring up the shadows a bit. Possibly close down 1/3 if concentrating on a team in white so as not to blow out your highlights.

Hope this helps,


Thanks so much Scott for helping out. Can't tell you how much I appreciate it. Would love to repay your kindness some day!!


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