Why no focus issues with D5100 or D3100 compared with D7000

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Now Barry's Camera Has Caught a Mirror Vibration Virus....

Barry Fitzgerald wrote:

I also noted some mirror vibrations at some shutter speeds causing some blur..which I did not on the D90 separate issues but it did show up for me.

Wow, after pointing out to Barry that the mirror blur he "discovered" with his Pentax Kx (after reading reports about it on the forums) wasn't a Pentax-only problem:


It seems that his D7000 has caught a mirror blur virus.

Of course, this is nothing new for Barry. here is an excerpt from his glowing review of the Pentax Kr a month or so after he purchased it:

"First off I might not have even looked at the K-r due to a huge number of reports of AF issues esp FF/BF. I can report that I see no obvious problems in this regard even shooting in horribly low light and very low Kelvin light temperatures even with no AF assist light. I'm puzzled by the response on the forum suggesting there is something wrong AF wise with this model..on the contrary I find the AF excellent so far in good and poor lighting."

Barry then went on to "discover" that his Kr had an AF issue in the exact conditions he describes as having no obvious problems above, and he has been trolling and bashing the brand for an entire year ever since.

He made his trolling intentions clear in later posts like these:

"If Pentax think they can ride roughshod over customers and leave them in the dark with a faulty body and continue to sell it to unsuspecting customers..well they've sold one body too many."

"The day that body hit my lap it became my problem..now I'm going to push that problem is a very visible and public way."

"The Panzers are being fuelled right now and I'll be unleashing them very shortly!"

Barry popped up at Pentax Forums.com, Photo.net and anywhere else he could get away with his public slander campaign, and more recently took his new campaign against the D7000 to the FX forums, with reactions like this:


I quote:

I feel for you guys having to put up with his constant trolling and bashing, but what I cannot fathom is why DPReview allows this to continue?


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