Are either the new G15 or the Eos M or G1X suitable for doing $500 Weddings (Pics on a disc)

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Re: Are either the new G15 or the Eos M or G1X suitable for doing $500 Weddings (Pics on a disc)

Wow.. I've done over 300 weddings as a sideline and would never, ever try it with a G series camera. Theres a video review of the new EOS M and it seems way too slow. I've got the G15 and there is no way I would trust it to track the action at the ceremony. Never mind blown out highlights, lack of detail in the dress unless the exposure is dean on - good luck in bright sunlight and I can go on and on. I wouldn't even consider doing an event or wedding with anything less than a 7D, a decent lens (17-55, 17-40, or 15-85 & a 70-200, 580EXII) and some backup equipment. Even for $500. The equipment you use must be responsive and accurate and more than that, you should be pretty much able to use and adjust it without even thinking. There's too much going for the equipment to be a hindrance or get in the way. To provide even 150-200 decent shots would require shooting double to triple that plus processing time.

I understand the $500 market (I've done some of it), but to get in well, I would still provide professional quality service using high grade gear. Like others, I don't mean to be harsh but it only takes one screw up to put your right out of business. Just my opinion.

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