How long can GoPro Hero3 record for?

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Re: How long can GoPro Hero3 record for?

Justme wrote:

Let's say you choose the video recording mode that takes up the least amount of space. Using a 64GB micro-SD card, Class 10. I hook up the GoPro to an external battery source rather than using the GoPro battery. How many hours of video can I record continuously?

I ask because with the GoPro Hero2, I think it was something like 5 to 6 hours max continuous recording. I am looking at the Silver edition.

One more question. If I do not buy the wifi remote control, how can I activate wifi....manually by pressing the menu or button on the GoPro Hero3 Silver edition? Thanks.

The 5-6 hours on an HD2 was due to battery life with a BacPac.  But since you are suggesting an external power supply then depends on the video data rate.

BTW, the HD3 Silver is just an HD2 with a different case and lens.  All video formats and data rates are the same.

You'll get much better answers from these guys.

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