D700 w/ Nikon SB Speedlites or Elinchrom Quadra Rangers

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Do you need TTL?

The first question to ask, and the most expensive question, is if you absolutely require TTL.

It's of my opinion that portrait work should not be done using TTL, since you're placing the lighting decisions in the "palm" of your TTL flash.  I think it would be very beneficial to be able to adjust power output from the camera (instead of walking to each flash and adjust power), but letting the camera/flash decide what power output to use (in my opinion) defeats the purpose of good portraiture.

For example, for any given portrait I take, there's only ​one​ exposure I want.  It has a particular f-stop, shutter speed, ISO, and flash output power associated with it.  It's unlikely (in my experience with TTL) that the flash will choose the exact exposure I want.  This isn't to say remote power adjustments aren't useful - they'd be welcomed for me.

But at the cost of what I'd need to do that (Flex TT5's and Nikon speedlights), I can easily enough walk to my flashes and adjust the power, considering I'm within 1 stop of being correct 95% of the time.

I'm currently using manual flashes and PW+II's, with one Nikon speedlight for on-camera TTL.  I'd much rather opt for higher power manual flashes (and batteries) than pay the outrageous prices for TTL, that I would hardly use (well, FP-TTL I could use perhaps 1 in 15 shoots).


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