Anyone tried RAW, then reverted to JPEG only?

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Another choice: never tried RAW.

Setter Dog wrote:

I wish I had listed another choice,....those who had never been interested enough to try RAW at all.



Let me be the first to answer this one... I went digital 9 years ago and have NEVER tried RAW.

In the film days I tried developing my own films (B&W; color slides), and I spent lots of time playing around in a very well equipped darkroom at my university. Much as I enjoyed dodging, burning in, and watching the image develop on paper I just never liked all the fuss and bother, so I tended to concentrate on getting the composition and exposure right and letting the labs do the grunt work. With digital I tend to shoot more images and I find it time consuming enough to label and organize my photos. There are a few simple tools I play with to improve the odd jpeg photo, but I have not invested in good PP software to work on RAW. I just don't want that much more work. Photography is a hobby for me and the photos are mostly for me. I take pleasure in capturing the photo and reminiscing on what it means to me, and for that I don't need a lot of PP.


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