From LX3 to it worth it?

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aerorail Contributing Member • Posts: 804
nope...LX series akin to iphone

no... rx100 wins

lx series is much like apple models little reward. apple makes new models, big hype and little improvement over the previous. finally makes a bigger screen but changes the peripherals. meaning the new connector is going to cost you $200 more and isn't compatible with any previous peripherals you had. nice....NOT

Lx series...little improvement between models and each new model accessory isn't compatible with the previous. let alone now its a bigger camera and really missed the boat with features that rx100 came out with making the 100 a superior camera.

i think its all a slap in the face to loyal consumers from both

both my LXes have been sold and i couldn't be happier with the results of the rx100 and its amazing lens, sensor, hdr, and compactness. almost perfect for most. perfect all around and for vacations for me. i've never seen such quality results from such a small camera

the end

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