Aokatec GPS Receiver AK-G2 on D600

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Re: Aokatec GPS Receiver AK-G2 on D600

garyhgaryh wrote:

I'd worry about impact with the gps unit.

The d800/d800e have known issues with the 10pin connector.

I personally have the cheap Micnova GPS and I rather have a 90 deg cable that sticks into the 10 pin.

I also do some running around so I worry the weight of the GPS (although light), will weaken the 10 pin.


the ideal design, would include these units directly inside the camera, or inside the MB- battery packs -- thereby justifying nikon's relatively high price points.

i own solmeta's two port extension cable, but I don't use it with this GPS as it tends to get snagged on objects or inside my camera bag. on the 10 pin port, the Aokatec has slipped off by itself at least three times last week -- which I'd prefer to applying tension and torque on the port itself. because of this, it's  important not to overlook the small lanyard at the bottom of the box, and use it to attach the GPS to your camera strap. JMO.

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