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Re: why do you need 35mm? seems like only 'cause you can afford it

RedFox88 wrote:

Why do you need a 35mm camera? You wrote several times "afford"... "afford" so it sounds like you want it just because you can afford it not that it will offer you anything truly better than something more reasonable. Your 500D (T1i) is a few years old. As others have suggested a 60D might be something to look at instead. Go compare images in DPR review from the T1i to the 60D and see if the improvement is enough for you.

How often will you take pics in very low light? Enough to justify the much more expensive camera, plus selling off and buying new lenses? Learning flash photography instead of using the crutch of very high ISO will improve your photography more. People that don't know flash photography well call themselves a "nature light" photographer to make themselves sound better than someone who doesn't do flash well.

fair point, what about FOV that matches the focal length? would you use L lenses on APS-C camera?

I do use my speedlight but like more low light photography as it is not intrusive/disturbing

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