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Re: re: rubbish arguments will not make the issue to go away :)

Jorginho wrote:

30 2.8 translates into f4.2 when it comes to DOF. 1.2 on the Nikon translates into f3.3 on the Nikon. So the Nikon is 2/3 of a stop faster I think. Light gathering remains of course the same, so you can shoot with over 2 stops advantage on the Nikon if it is sharp wide open. I think all in al IQ between the two would be pretty close...."think"..."owuld""..."should"...""if"....We'll have to wait and see!

Light gathering is the same over the same sensor area, but since we're talking two different sensors, either you have the same resolution and the smaller sensor is a lot noisier (due to higher pixel density and less photons per photosite), or the resolution is a lot lower.  So, it's not quite the same.    With the larger sensor, you should be able to pull in more total light (as in more photons).

There is no free lunch.  If there is a free lunch, I'll just use my phone camera and leave the bulkier ones at home.

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