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Re: advice on upgrade to FF

5tve wrote:

schmegg wrote:

5tve wrote:

Yes when you go to & compare the 5DMKIII & D800 at high ISO the 5DMIII gets double the exposure time at ISO 3200 , 6400 & 25600 I presume it holds true for the inbetween ISO's.

Wrong - not double the exposure time at all.

At least, if you are going to invent 'facts', you could do so without it being so easy for people to check up on you!

LOL Only followed your advice in another thread.

Yep - my bad. I was looking at the D600 images - Doh!

Trouble with these IR images is that neither of them are low light shots - making the whole comparison moot.

Seems the general consensus is that there is not a whole lot of difference in low light performance between these two, with most reviewers giving the slight advantage to the 5D3 for true low light performance.

Of course, either will do the job admirably.

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