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Guy Parsons
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Trees in Oz. Words, no pics.

I have three rather large eucalypts in my too small front yard. The local council has up to $1,000,000 fines if trying to get rid of them so they stay until someone gets killed or a house is crushed.

As for water, they only get the rather meagre rainfall lately in Sydney, good years 1,200mm annual total, typical bad years lately maybe 600mm annual total. They keep growing rather well without help.

When it rains they grow faster and make lots of leaves, when it goes dry then the trees pull back nutrients and chemicals out of the leaves and then drop them for me to rake up. The worst leaf falls are usually in the hot dry summers.

The dead leaves and live tree leaves are full of oil so burn like crazy in any wild fire, but the tree springs out new growth from the dead looking burnt trunks and in about 10 to 15 years you would never know anything had happened. Great survivors, that's why they predominate in this typically drought ridden and fire ravaged country of Oz.

The timber is a very heavy and tough hardwood and makes terrific camp fires, lasts about 10 times as long in the fire as the pathetic softwoods I encountered when camping in USA.

There is great variety in eucalypt flowers and the ones from the Western Australia are particularly spectacular. Like the OP image but quite a lot bigger and a range of colours from white to red with shades of yellow & orange in between. Each seed pod puts out many hundreds/thousands(?) of tiny seeds, very few will germinate and often a fire or at least smoke is needed to make some varieties of Aussie seeds germinate.

Regards........ Guy

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