Anybody find the grip on the D600 too shallow/hard to grasp?

Started Oct 29, 2012 | Discussions thread
sebastian huvenaars Forum Member • Posts: 57
i do

The grip is too shallow and not high enough for me. I have a D600 at home right now.

Bought it after handling bot the D600, D800 and 5DIII, thinking 24 mp is plenty and 600 euro's more was to much to spend for an improved grip.

I've used it for a couple of days now and have to say i like the cam so far, but the grip IS an issue. My hands are quite large and i can't get comfortable grip, my fingertips hit the body without the rest of the grip filling my hands. This makes me cramp my hands more than i'd like to and for some reason it makes it hard to reach the front control dail.

Another thing is the height of the grip, there's no room left for my pinkie so i stick it under the body which is not ergonomicly curved but flat and sharp. I already felt straining after only a half hour of use.

The 5DIII is the nicest to hold for me but it's outside my budget, and the Sony sensors are basicly the main reason i want to upgrade. I'm still in doubt but thinking i'm goint to return the D600 and go for the D800 instead. This would ruin my plans to buy a new tripod for the time being... Guess i'll just have to be a patient chap this christmas

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