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Re: Pentax K-30 review posted

Thanks for the review which does a good job overall, but

  1. I'm very surprised that the two-dials are neither listed as one of the "Pros", nor are mentioned anywhere in the "Conclusions" at all. Why the omission?
  2. I do not agree with the downgrading of a still camera due to sub-par video support.

Downgrading a DSLR because it lacks in the video compartment (compared to competitors, that is) is like downgrading a phone because its camera is 3MP, rather than 8MP.

If taking pictures with my phone is all but secondary to me, I wouldn't want a review to be picky about the phone. Whether it is 3MP or 8MP, taking pictures with phones sucks anyhow.

Same with video. DSLR have the wrong form factor for video and they are a curious replacement for a proper video camera even in the best examples.

Please consider using separate "still" vs "video" ratings. Looking at the 78% of the K-30 makes one think the camera is lacking, whereas one could easily argue that it is over-specced for its class.

BTW, good writing style would suggest that it is "it is easy to recommend the Pentax K-30." instead of "it is very hard to not recommend the Pentax K-30."

Who would try to "not recommend the K-30" but then be forced to?

P.S.: Publishing JPG response curves as if they had anything to do with real dynamic range is silly (and you know it). It fools the beginner and amuses/annoys the ones in the know.

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