D700 w/ Nikon SB Speedlites or Elinchrom Quadra Rangers

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Rumi Siddiqui
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Re: D700 w/ Nikon SB Speedlites or Elinchrom Quadra Rangers

57even wrote:

Rumi Siddiqui wrote:

So far, I am pretty happy with my D700. I am still learning the ropes of the Nikon system. The technology does seem a little outdated vs my previous Canon 5D Mark III.

I need to be more aggressive in terms of turning a profit from my glorified hobby, as I recently discovered, I have to cover the tuition to put my wife through med school, and loans may not be approved in time or even accepted. I have a decent job, but was thinking of doing portraiture on the weekends.

I was originally, going to use my left over budget towards a new lens to compliment my 70-200mm 2.8 VR II; however, I think it's wise to get a good lighting source at this time.

I'm debating between one or two SB-910's or SB-700's, or one Elinchrom Quadra Ranger w/ battery pack. I would like to shy away from doing event type work, and do on-location portraits. I am little more inclined to start off with the Quadra Ranger w/ battery and skyport, and eventually get the 37 in Octa. I am little divided in this decision, because I know the SB speedlite setup would be a more portable, but less powerful solution, and allow me to take on the fly indoor shots. Getting both is not an option at the moment, but eventually I will. Please advise! My present budget is about $1500 give or take.

You are going to need more than one light if you are serious about portrait work. Why not a Nikon compatible Metz flash (rather than the SBs) at about half the price for event work, and you will have enough left over for a twin light Elinchrom Dlite 400 kits and some mods for portrait work.

Dont forget the flash trigger and ideally a light meter. Skyports work with Elinchroms but you can make do with a cheap IR trigger indoors, and the on-camera flash works fine with a Metz flash.

I completely forgot about a light meter. I was aware that there's no TTL metering in the Quadra system; I figured I would just wing it with guesswork for the time being. In terms of multiple lights for serious portraiture, I thought I would try to Zack Arias it with one Quadra, and work outdoors with semi decent ambient lighting. I can get a light meter down the road. I don't like using IR ports, as I've had poor experience in the past with line of site issues, and I have previously used pocket wizards with the Canon system, so I'd like to go radio triggers. I don't think I'll go the Metz route, but thanks for the suggestion. If I do go speedlite route, I think I'll stick with Nikon and take advantage of the times I want to use TTL metering.

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