The scratch right below the reflecting mirror on D600.

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Re: And mine also : Netherlands, 604xxx.

Although the paint hasnt worn of to the metal, i can see some marks in the same spot. Bought mine last week, the 26th, so i'm still inside my 7 day return period. Strongly contemplating to trade it for a D800.

At the time of buying i already read about the leftside dust issue and knew there would probably be dust problems with my D600 at some point. This didn't really bother me expecting it to be production residu getting less after some usage. The 18th shot i took was a "dust check" image bytheway, it already had quite some stuff on there, indeed mostly in de left part of the frame.

Uptill now i have shot roughly 800 images, just checked for dust again (without changing the lens) and it got a little bit worse, some chips changed location.

An important Dutch tech webside also reported about this issue today. This thing is starting to get fairly huge so i expect Nikon to act sooner or later, but i don't think i'm gona wait this one out. Returning it gives me mixed feelings because i really started to like the camera in the past few days. The images are incredible and the camera really feels like it's designed to be used, responsive and solid.

On the other hand, spending close to 2000 euro's on a camera and having this kind of concerns doesn't sit well with me. Then again, dropping another 600e to get the D800 is something i didn't plan on eighter.

Mehh, what to do...

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